INFO Remastered MAP #1 Release Information

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As we gear up for the next season, I wanted to touch base and let you all in on some exciting news. This time around, we're taking a different approach—one that puts you, the community, front and center.

I'm thrilled to announce that this upcoming season will be heavily influenced by your suggestions and feedback. We've heard your voices loud and clear, and we're ready to roll up our sleeves and dive into this journey together.

Why the change? Well, because we believe in the power of collaboration. We know that the best ideas often come from the very players who make this server what it is. From gameplay mechanics to new features, your input will shape the landscape of our world.

Now, here's the deal: this season is all about trial and error. We're not afraid to experiment, to push the boundaries, and to learn from our successes and failures alike. So buckle up, because we're in for an adventure.


  • 10 Man Factions, Infinite Roster and Infinite Alts
  • No Allies, No Truces
  • World:
  • 8k x 8k Overworld
  • 4k x 4k Nether Warp
  • 4k x 4K End Warp


  • Faction Tools - Sellwands, Harvester Hoes, Chunk Busters (All can be obtained via in-game tasks or via the shop)
  • MobCoins - /mobcoins (Shop with special and limited items available from coins obtained by killing mobs)
  • Faction Upgrades - /f upgrades (You have the ability to upgrade progession levels and or level up abilities within your faction.)
  • Schematic is ALLOWED!
  • Faction Printer Mode - /printer on/off (While using schematica you may use printer mode to automatically purchase the blocks required from /shop)
  • Outpost - /outpost (Capture the outpost and gain rewards and abilities)
  • Darkzone - /warp darkzone (You have entered the darkzone region were all your commands have been disabled and you have to fight to the death or find the portal to escape.)
  • Custom Enchants - /ce (Shop which allowes you to purchase Common or Epic Enchants with EXP)
  • Envoys - /envoy & /warp envoy (Every couple of hours loads of chest drop ranging from different rarities)


  • MONEY - $5000
  • EXP - Rate 2.0x
  • POTION - Speed 1 & Damage Increase 1


  • CRATE KEY - 1 or if you are lucky 2 Immortal Crate Keys!


    Speed | Gives you an unlimited Speed effect. (Level 1)
    - Jump | Gives you an unlimited Jump effect. (Level 1)
    - Night Vision | Gives you an unlimited Night Vision effect. (Level 1)
    - Aquatic | Gives you an unlimited WaterBreathing effect. (Level 1)
    - Netherskin | Gives you an unlimited Fire Resistance effect. (Level 1)
    - Renewal | Upon Killing a player you Receive regeneration and damage resistance for 5 seconds.
    - Multishot | Fires multiple arrows.
    - Blazingtouch | Automatically Smelts all items you mine.
    - Rejuvination | Repair your items as you walk.
    - Replenish | Feed you as you walk.
    - Cook | Automatically cooks your fish.
    - Catch | Gives you extra fish.

  • EPIC
    Speed | Gives you an unlimited Speed effect. (Level 2)
    - Renewal | Upon Killing a player you Receive regeneration and damage resistance for 5 seconds.
    - Evade | Chance to dodge arrows.
    - Inquisitive | Gains extra xp from killing mobs.
    - Multishot | Fires multiple arrows.
    - Replenish | Feed you as you walk.
    - Haste | Gives you an unlimited Haste effect.
    - Catch | Gives you extra fish.
    - Telepathy | Moves the blocks into your inventory
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