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MineStruck Cannon/Raiding Rules

Strike 1 - Faction warning

Strike 2 - Faction Warning

Strike 3 - Faction Warning

Strike 4 - Disbandment of your faction

General Raiding

Buffer limit: 20 chunks

Cannon Speed limit: 3 seconds

Cannon Box Wall Limit: 16 Walls

Raiding Rules

1. Reversing Bases Is ALLOWED.

2. Using Redstone To Check Your Walls is Not ALLOWED

Punishment: Removal of checkbox and faction receives 1 faction Strike

3. Cannons/Lag Machines that are made or used to intentionally lag the server are NOT ALLOWED.

Punishment: Cannon/Lag Machine is removed and faction receives 2 faction strikes.

5. Cannons that shoot on or past world border are NOT ALLOWED.

Punishment: Cannon is Removed and faction receives 1 Faction Strike

6. Printer patching and gen patching during an active raid is NOT ALLOWED. You must wait 15 minutes after the last shot until you can use printer to patch or use gen buckets.

Punishment: Player is banned for 1 day.

7. Only 1 faction can be actively raiding a base, for another faction to take over the raid they must not have been tnt fired for at least 15 minutes

Punishment: The Faction Receives 1 Faction Strike

8. Cannons That Shoot Less than 5 sand do not have to abide by cannon speed limit.

Cannon Limits

1. Auto cannons are not allowed.

Punishment: 8 hour ban for the operator of the cannon.

2. A Cannon Can only have 2 sand Comps

Punishment: 1 faction strike and removal of the cannon

3. A Cannon Can only shoot through 1 wall per button press, but it can shoot the same wall twice.

Punishment: 1 Faction Strike and a 2 hour ban for the operator of the cannon

4. Roof Cannoning is not Allowed unless the roof of the base is below y:255

5. You cannot use multiple cannon to raid a base unless they are used for different functions (A one stacker with a reverse hybrid behind it is ALLOWED, however, a 200 stacker behind a 200 stacker is NOT ALLOWED)

6. Wall removers, L-Nukes, and anything that nuke horizontally to the is not allowed. This means that you can still use anti-patches

Punishment: Any damage done is reverted and the faction receives 1 factions strike.

7. Left shooting and right shooting is not allowed

Punishment: Cannon is removed and any damage is reverted

Cannon/Claiming Rules

1. Whoever claims the actual corner, will get the corner. All you need is one claim in the physical corner then that corner is yours

2. Regens Are Allowed But lava blows up​
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