IMPORTANT General Rules

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General Rules
Last updated on 31 - 01 - 2024

This is a zero tolerance rule and will result in a blacklist. You are allowed to say server names. You are not allowed to encourage the mass populous of the server to join another server by posting it’s direct IP.

General Spam:
Flooding public chat is unnecessary and will result in a mute. 3 or more messages in rapid succession will be punished by warnings then a mute.

Death Threats:
Telling someone to kill themselves, or saying ‘KYS’, will result in a mute. We do not tolerate immature threats in public chat.

DDOS / DOX Threats:

Zero tolerance. If you are seen talking in chat about any sort of DDoS, DOX, Swatting or anything else about another person’s IRL information that they do not want public, it will result in a blacklist. Humor is taken seriously and will still result in the same punishment.

Exploiting and Glitching:
If you have found a ‘glitch’ or ‘exploit’, please report it immediately by contacting a staff member via our Discord. Failure to report a glitch or exploit upon finding it will result in a permanent ban or blacklist. Using an exploit or glitch of any kind within the server to provide yourself, your team or any other players an advantage over another will result in a permanent blacklist without a warning.

Lag Machines:
Making a contraption that causes the server to lag will result in a permanent ban.

Unfair Advantage:

Any unfair advantage such as a hacked client, macro, ghost client, autoclicker or illegal mod will result in a punishment.
Botting, scripting, automated work, etc.:
Using a bot or client in which will automate certain tasks is not permitted. This includes Auto-Fishing. Also the use of a script to continuously execute commands or complete a certain task is also not permitted. If caught doing one of the above, you will be permanently banned. Auto selling is also not allowed.

Zero tolerance. We do not allow racism on our server. If caught sending racial slurs or anything racist in public chat will result in a 24 hour mute.

Mute / Ban evasion:
If a player is caught evading a mute (talking in chat on an alternate account whilst their main account is muted) or ban evading (playing on an alternate account while their main account is banned) they will be punished with a permanent mute and/or ban based on the offense.

Player Impersonation:

Using public chat to make players think that you are someone when you are not is not allowed and will result in a warning/mute.

IRL Trading:
Selling non-server related items such as CS:GO skins, minecraft accounts or other game cheats, etc. Selling items on the server for items on Buycraft is allowed but we do not take fault nor get affiliated if you are scammed.

Staff Disrespect:

Constant hate, harassment or disrespect towards staff members is not allowed.

Schematica Trapping:
Using schematica printer to quickly trap someone whilst playing is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban.

Insiding will result in a blacklist. This is described as betraying your team, unclaiming all, stealing items or mining spawners.​
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